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Our Story

We’re on a mission to make healthcare better.

Tech that takes care of people

In 2011, two friends – Joe Blewitt and Joseph Hogan – came together to solve a big problem in healthcare: patient education and engagement.

Unlike other tech entrepreneurs, Joe and Joseph understood that the more informed patients are about their condition and treatment choices, the more involved they are in their own care. And the more engaged they are, the better the outcomes and costs. So instead of innovating first and finding a use later, they started with the patient and developed a solution that could change lives for the better. Fueled by the mission to use technology to solve real problems for real people, it was time to call in a favor from a friend who loaned them $250K. And with that, Epion – whose name is from the Greek word for soothing pain – was launched.


In September 2022, our story got even better!  Epion Health was acquired by Kyruus, the industry leader in provider search and scheduling solutions. The result is a complete end-to-end, patient access and engagement platform.

With this merger of technologies, our clients will be able to deliver better care to more patients, with less burden on staff. Together, our journey to improve patient care continues!

More disruption, please

Initially, Epion offered content on tablets to educate patients while they were at the doctor’s office. The model caught the attention of the executive leadership team at athenahealth, who, in 2012, invited Epion to partner with them to develop a fully integrated digital check-in product.

Joe and Joseph saw yet another opportunity to create a tool with substantial human benefits. While patient clinical data had transitioned from paper charts to electronic health records, intake remained a sea of clipboards, paperwork, forms and folders. These outdated manual processes were responsible for a significant increase in errors, denied claims, longer wait times and general frustration for both patients and practices. The company’s flagship product, Epion Check-in, was built to make the experience of healthcare a happier one by automating the collection of patient information and payments.

Today, Epion is a leader in patient access and engagement solutions for more than 400 healthcare customers and supports more than ten million patients a year. Epion also offers patient health risk assessments and other solutions to support clinical workflows and facilitate the delivery of value-based care.

Technological innovation grounded in human-centered problem-solving and the desire to do the right thing has set Epion apart from its competitors. It has also drawn the best and the brightest employees who take pride in the work they do every day: improving how healthcare works.

The continuing journey

The end of one journey is the start of the next. In December 2019, Joseph Hogan died at age 53 after a courageous battle with cancer.

His memory lives on through each and every person he touched, and he will forever be a part of Epion’s history.

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