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athenahealth EHR Integrations

Epion Health's patient intake software allows providers to reduce wait times, increase profitability and enhance the patient experience.

#1 For a Reason

Epion Health has been the #1-rated athenahealth Marketplace partner for over three years—and here’s why! 

Epion provides a barrier-free way for patients to complete mandatory consent forms, send insurance information, make payments and provide clinical information directly to their chart—with no app download or portal log-in required.

Epion Check-In

Patients receive an automated message at the timing of your choice before their visit. They can complete admin and clinical tasks on their phone—from home or in your office. Epion’s powerful rules engine will make sure patients see the right forms at the right time, allowing for custom configurations based on provider, specialty, appointment type, timing, patient demographics and more. 

Epion Check-In makes intake and registration faster, easier and more complete. Patients can conveniently and securely start the check-in process from their mobile phones. Collect all patient data and payment before the appointment:

Demographic and Contact Information

Health Screeners

Consent Forms

Insurance and Driver's License

Payment and Card on File

Epion Telehealth

Epion Telehealth is launched from a web browser on the phone or computer and doesn’t require the patient to download any apps. Patients simply tap the link provided. By eliminating barriers, our HIPAA-compliant telehealth solution maximizes utilization and patient satisfaction. Staff benefits from automated messaging and a workflow that mirrors their current process in athenaNet. The Epion solution is designed so you can work in the EHR while conducting the virtual visit, all without switching environments.

Dual screens to allow providers to chart in athenaNet while maintaining video with the patient

Up-to-the-appointment automated reminders

File sharing with patients, such as labs or x-rays, during the visit

Functionality on any internet-enabled device

An automated consent process to ensure HIPAA compliance

Epion Payment

Epion Mobile Patient Payment enables patients to make payments before their appointment. Patients are presented with an additional step during their streamlined and directed mobile check-in process where they can review their copay for the associated appointment as well as any outstanding or collections balance.

Providers can choose to display a range of options, from self-pay and pay later to minimum percentages required to complete the check-in process. Patients can then make a payment toward their overall balance using their preferred payment method, including HSA or FSA.

Onboarding & Support

Our onboarding and client success teams make sure practices are up and running smoothly. The account management team works with each client to ensure they are getting maximum value. With Epion, you receive:

Admin and clinical team training on the Epion platform and its integration with athenaNet—including data reconciliation functionality

Analysis of patient forms and portal build requirements

Free remote training and onboarding

For more information about how Epion works with athenahealth, click here.

Customers Love Epion


Andrew Wade, CEO, OrthoSC
Epion is effective, they’re on it. They bring excellence to the table. If I were going to give someone advice about Epion, I would tell them that it will be one of the smartest things they’ll ever do. They’ll wish they had done it sooner.


Bob Karl, CFO, Christus Physician Group
Epion is a true partner. They are a well-run organization with a great team. From my perspective as a CFO, the decision to implement Epion was one of the easiest ones I’ve ever made. I would highly recommend Epion.


Charles Kanaly, MD, Owner,
The Neurosurgery Center

As a surgeon dealing with a high volume of new patients, Epion has significantly impacted the efficiency and accuracy of the check-in process. It has made the whole experience for patients and staff much, much better.

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