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Does Your Pain Medicine Practice Know the Value of Digital Health?

If you’re human, physical pain is part of your life, at least from time to time. For more than 50 million adults in the United States, though, it’s chronic and impacts […]

How to Apply Digital Health to Make Behavioral Health Care More Accessible for Your Patients

It has been a little more than four months since the United States government announced that the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency ended. Life is back to normal for everyone.  We know […]

Digital Health: Added Convenience for Urgent Care Centers

You’re at your son’s Friday night football game when he collides with a player from the other team. He’s not seriously hurt — only a scratch below his left eye from […]

How Digital Health Tools Help FQHCs Increase Access to Care

Approximately 60 million United States residents live in rural areas. That’s 15% of the country’s total population.  Not only do rural Americans face numerous health disparities compared with their urban counterparts, […]

Digital Self-Service Tools for Orthopedic Practices: 3 Tips for Expanding Convenient Access to Care

EmergeOrtho is North Carolina’s largest physician-owned orthopedic practice with a team of nearly 270 highly-trained orthopedic specialists, physicians, and APPs, serving patients through 45 outpatient offices in 21 counties.  We recently […]

The Benefits of Deploying Digital Self-Service

When you go to a fast-food restaurant, you expect quick service. Many individuals prefer online shopping because their purchases are delivered in just a day or two. Consumers these days expect […]

Online Scheduling: It’s Not Just for Doctor’s Appointments Anymore

There are more than 1,077,000 professionally-active doctors providing care across the United States. Of those, a little less than half — 562,805 — are specialist physicians. Although sports medicine is one […]

The Importance of Meeting Patient Preferences

Not all patients prefer the same type of doctor. Some like a physician who has been in practice for at least a couple of decades and works in a solo practice, […]