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The Role of Digital Health in Decreasing Physician Burnout

The statistics might change from year to year, yet physician burnout remains. Medscape’s most recent report on the topic, Physician Burnout & Depression Report 2023: ‘I Cry but No One Cares,’ surveyed […]

Thanksgiving Fun Facts

Turkey Day is almost here. Although most of us celebrate this annual national holiday, you might not know some of the history behind it.  For example, did you know that historians […]

Why Patient Retention Matters for the Future of Your Medical Group

Costs are rising faster than profits for roughly 90% of healthcare providers. Inflation has resulted in price increases in administrative supplies and services, building and occupancy costs, professional liability insurance expenses, […]

How Digital Tools Help Medical Groups Reduce Patient Wait Times and Increase Operational Efficiencies

The average physician appointment lasts only 18 minutes. That doesn’t mean, though, that patients get in and out of their provider’s office that quickly.  It is not unheard of for patients […]

Online Scheduling: It Doesn’t Only Benefit Patients

No matter how good you are at multitasking, there are still only 24 hours in a day and seven days per week. That means you must prioritize tasks, making tools that […]

The Results Are In: Patients Definitely Prefer Digital Self-Service

Sometimes it’s nice to have things done for you. Maybe someone made you a delicious dinner or fixed a flat tire on your car.  For many tasks, though, we want a […]

Consumer Choice and Expectations: Highlighting the 2023 Care Access Benchmark Report

These days when consumers are considering their care options, they have more than just a few providers to choose from. The widespread adoption of mobile devices and digital technology means there […]

Don’t Snooze on the Benefits of Digital Health for Your Sleep Medicine Practice

Getting enough sleep might seem like a luxury, but doing so is important for your overall health. Not only has insufficient sleep been linked to a long list of chronic health […]