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The 5 Biggest Rural Healthcare Challenges in the U.S.

What do Telluride, Colorado, Sedona, Arizona and Kennebunkport, Maine all have in common? They’ve all been included in various lists naming the best — and often most beautiful — small towns […]

How Consumers Prefer to Find, Select and Access Healthcare

Facebook, YouTube and Amazon might be the most-searched terms online, but it didn’t start out that way. Actually, the internet started in the 1960s as a method used for government researchers […]

8 Reasons Healthcare Providers Should Prioritize Patient Self-Service

Pumping your own gas might seem like a regular occurrence, but that wasn’t always the case. Before Colorado convenience store operator John Roscoe activated the first remote access self-service gasoline pumps […]

5 Myths About Older Adults and Technology We Should All Stop Believing

Most of us as children want to grow up quickly. We envision being an adult and enjoying all the benefits that go with it. As adults, many of us cringe as […]

How to Improve the Customer Experience in Healthcare

We’re all customers. Whether you’ve purchased a new car, paid someone to install a pool in your yard — maybe a large fire pit for these cooler fall temperatures — or […]

Five Ways to Tackle Lengthy Patient Wait Times

Waiting. It evokes various types of feelings, from hope all the way to uncertainty. Biding time for a scheduled vacation is typically positive anticipation. Waiting for your turn at the DMV […]

Patient-Centered Care: Why is it Important?

Patient engagement. Patient satisfaction. Patient intake. Patient flow. Patient volume. Patent access.  What’s at the center of all these terms? Patient, of course. Healthcare focuses on providing care to patients. Without […]

Improving Health Literacy Rates

10 Recommendations for Helping Patients With Low Health Literacy

The road to becoming a physician is paved with years of education and training — not to mention a lack of sleep and a lot of stress. During this time, medical […]