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Healthcare Consumerism

Growing consumer interest in capabilities such as digital shopping, payment, scheduling and others has been driven by an expectation of convenience, flexibility and personalization. In healthcare consumerism, individuals proactively utilize trustworthy and relevant information and appropriate technology to make better-informed decisions about their healthcare options, both within and outside the clinical setting.

Check out our comprehensive guide to healthcare consumerism to find out how patient engagement technology enables providers like you to help meet patient needs for a healthcare experience that’s personal, convenient and intuitive.

Sometimes it’s nice to have things done for you. Maybe someone made you a delicious dinner or fixed a flat tire on your car.  For many tasks, though, we want a convenient

These days when consumers are considering their care options, they have more than just a few providers to choose from. The widespread adoption of mobile devices and digital technology means there

Getting enough sleep might seem like a luxury, but doing so is important for your overall health. Not only has insufficient sleep been linked to a long list of chronic health

You’re at your son’s Friday night football game when he collides with a player from the other team. He’s not seriously hurt — only a scratch below his left eye from

EmergeOrtho is North Carolina’s largest physician-owned orthopedic practice with a team of nearly 270 highly-trained orthopedic specialists, physicians, and APPs, serving patients through 45 outpatient offices in 21 counties.  We recently hosted