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Population Health

Population health refers to the health status and health outcomes within a group of people rather than considering the health of one person at a time. Population health management (PHM) is the process of improving clinical health outcomes of these groups through improved care coordination and patient engagement. Technology can be employed as a powerful tool for achieving this.

See how Epion EveryWare enables providers like you to use automated campaigns and artificial intelligence to manage the unique needs of large patient populations — at all points of the care continuum.

It’s been a little more than 13 years since the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) promoted the adoption and meaningful use of health information technology, specifically

The population health management market size is expected to be worth around $184.51 billion by 2030. That’s up from a value of $28.79 billion in 2020.  Why such rapid growth in population

  EHR integration tool enables proactive population health management HOBOKEN, N.J. (March 7, 2022) Epion Health, a leader in digital patient engagement solutions and contactless care, today announced the introduction of Epion EveryWareTM.