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Cerner EHR Integrations

Epion Health's Patient Engagement Platform integrates with Cerner to help health systems improve the patient experience.

Deep Integration

Our powerful technology automates and integrates patient access to alleviate administrative bottlenecks, helping deliver a more consistent, tailored and delightful patient experience across all touch points.

Epion utilizes the leading-edge FHIR integration standard, allowing for rapid deployment with no up-front ongoing costs to the health system. Our Practice Toolkit leverages SMART on FHIR to enable contextually aware practice tools within Cerner PowerChart.

Digital Front Door

Supporting Your Digital Front Door

A robust digital front door strategy leverages technology to expand patient access, improve staff productivity, drive higher patient satisfaction and increase revenue.

One of the critical components of delivering a seamless front door experience is automation, which can help you remove stress and hassle from numerous patient access tasks. Using technology to trigger the next stage in the process can help patients navigate a complex healthcare system. Plus, it replaces phone tag and paper handling for your team.

Epion’s platform takes the chart to the patient—with relevant outreach at the right time and place.

For more information about how Epion works with Cerner, click here.

Proactively Engage Patients with Workflows

Epion EveryWare uses artificial intelligence to automate workflow execution across all patient touch points, resulting in the elimination of staff time to:

  • Engage patients to take steps toward preventive healthcare.
  • Complete steps in advance of—or following— a healthcare or billing event.



Pre-visit Intake
Triggered by: upcoming appointment in 3 days

Post-visit Quality Survey
Triggered by: completed appointment, plus 2 days

Pre-surgery Instructions
Triggered by: upcoming surgery date in 12 hours



Outstanding Balance
Triggered by: balance >$100 and past due >30 days

Pre-surgery Down Payment
Triggered by: upcoming surgery date in 7 days

Collection Notice
Triggered by: balance >$500 and past due >90 days


Clinical/Population Health

Mammogram Screening
Triggered by: last screening date >12 months
Filtered by: age, gender

High-Frequency PHQ-9
Triggered by: diagnosis

Medicare AWV
Triggered by: last screening date >12 months, age
Filtered by: age

Epion EveryWare in Action:
Patient Intake

With Epion Check-In, collect patient-entered data before the appointment—updated in real time in the Cerner EHR.

  • Insurance Cards
  • Health Histories
  • Payment
  • Drivers License
  • Consent Forms
  • Contact Information
  • Demographics
  • Clinical Data