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Healthcare Consumerism

2022 Trends: Healthcare Consumerism is Driving Integration

In 2022 integration is a necessity. As the pandemic continues to drive consumer expectations for digital tools and experiences, healthcare organizations are adopting virtual and hybrid care models built to last. The key to success goes back to a basic principle of healthcare technology: Data integration is critical. 

What does that mean for your healthcare organization? In a recent article, John Orosco, President of JASE Health, Cerner guru and strategic advisor to Epion Health, discusses how the 2022 trend of healthcare consumerism boils down to the need for strong bi-directional integration: 

“While patients may never know or care about their healthcare organization’s bidirectional data integration strategy, what they will notice is their own experience before, during and after their care. By making all the steps associated with that care easy, such as scheduling, communicating, receiving care, paying their bill – and accessible through their mobile device – patients will likely think of that provider organization first when seeking care.”

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