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Medical Groups

A platform that fits your needs, not the other way around

Unique, Just Like Your Providers and Patients

No two patients are exactly alike – and neither are specialty practices and provider workflows. Epion’s solutions empower medical groups to deliver a tailored, consistent and convenient patient experience for every specialty, location, provider and appointment type. Our powerful technology platform can be configured to the clinical and billing requirements as well as unique workflows associated with different specialties, including primary care, orthopedics, OB-GYN and pain management.

We understand the flexibility that medical groups need to succeed. All our solutions are developed to scale to your needs, so you can choose to implement them together or separately.

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Get Patient Data Before The Appointment

Automate the check-in process for greater efficiency and patient satisfaction. With Epion Digital Check-In, patients begin the process from home and pick up at any point before their appointment, with no lost work or duplicate entry. Collect the data you need before the appointment, resulting in significant savings of time and materials, improved workflow efficiencies and increased revenue.

Meet quality improvement goals

Increase reimbursement

Reduce human error and cost inefficiencies

Easily integrates with most EHRs

Fully-Connected Telehealth

Our intuitive, easy-to-use telehealth solution allows medical groups to deliver high-quality virtual care, connecting patients and providers in a way that’s fast and frictionless. Our lightweight HIPAA-compliant telehealth solution seamlessly integrates with our digital check-in and patient access solutions, with no download or log-in required.