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Growing Clinic Saves Big by Streamlining Front Office Workflows

Allegro Family Clinic, a subsidiary of Dutch Health Services, Inc., was founded in 2013 to meet the growing need that families have for convenient, high-quality primary medical care. The family practice with a pediatric specialty has grown from one location with a single provider to five clinics with three providers and 10 nurse practitioners serving the communities of Columbus and Lowndes County, Miss. As the practice grew, however, Executive Director Amy Bogue realized that front office mistakes were threatening back office efficiencies and the clinic’s overall success. She turned to Epion to help automate patient intake to reduce errors and get paid faster.


When it comes to paperwork, small mistakes have significant and lasting impacts on the success of a practice. Handwritten forms can be difficult for staff to read, interpret and key into the EHR. One wrong digit in a patient’s social security number carries over to the claim, which then leads to denials and delays in billing. Bogue says the single greatest impact that Epion’s solution has had on the practice is virtually eliminating manual errors by virtue of having patients enter their own information and verify that it’s correct. In addition, all that information is automatically uploaded into the EHR, saving even more time and resources.

Epion has saved us so much time and energy and paper and toner. You can see more patients and your nurses can triage quicker.

 – Amy Bogue, Executive Director

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