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Patient Engagement Software

The Epion Platform

Our powerful platform helps you deliver care that’s secure and reliable, while meeting your patients’ needs for an experience that’s personal and intuitive.

Technology That Never Lets You Down

Epion’s cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant platform provides a safe, secure, and scalable way to exchange healthcare data. Our vendor- and standards-agnostic technology solve interoperability problems, easily integrating with most EHRs and powering standardized health data exchange. And because our patient engagement software platform is cloud-optimized, you never have to worry about lost data, manual updates, or bug fixes – so you and your patients can rely on a great user experience.

patient engagement software

Our Platform Has Expanded

Now get scheduling with check-in

If you have not heard the news, on September 30th, Kyruus, the leader in provider search and scheduling, acquired Epion Health, top-rated patient intake software—resulting in a complete, end-to-end, patient access and engagement platform.

Built to Solve Tough Healthcare Problems

Deep bi-directional EHR integration

No dashboard

Customizable to patients’ needs

Real-time patient satisfaction rating

Free remote implementation

Our powerful technology platform automates and integrates patient access to alleviate administrative bottlenecks, helping deliver a more consistent, tailored and delightful patient experience across all touchpoints. Our No. 1 client-rated patient engagement software platform includes solutions designed to deliver measurable value and improve your ability to deliver quality care to patients.

Powerful Tools That Are
Easy on the Eyes

Epion products are intuitive and easy to use. Our user interface is designed for people of all ages, with powerful features that enhance visibility, reading, organization and comprehension. Plus, our products work seamlessly with iOS and Android devices— all resulting in products that patients and providers love to use again and again.