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Digital Check-In

No app download or portal log-in required

Patient Check-in Software

Mobile Patient Check-In

With Epion Digital Check-In, registration starts on the couch, well ahead of the scheduled appointment, allowing patients to complete steps at their convenience.

Now, coupled with Kyruus’ online scheduling solution, patients can access a seamless self-service experience from start to finish.

patient check in software

Now Get Scheduling Plus Check-in

Epion’s Digital Check-In solution can work in conjunction with Kyruus’ ProviderMatch search and scheduling solutions – creating an end-to-end patient access and engagement experience.


Optimized Patient Journeys

How It Works

Digital Check-In begins with a simple text message, including a secure link to begin the check-in process. No app download or portal account needed. Patients can complete as much—or as little—as they want before their appointment. Whatever they complete will be saved to their record and, they can simply pick up where they left off when they arrive. No lost work. No duplicate entry.


  • Insurance Card
  • Payment - Co-Pay
  • Payment Contract
  • Photo
  • Drivers License
  • Demographics
  • Consent
  • ROS
  • Medical Hx
  • Allergies
  • Medications
  • PHQ-2/9


  • Payment - Co-Pay
  • Payment Balance
  • ROS
  • Allergies
  • Medications


  • Demographics
  • ROS
  • Medical Hx
  • Family Hx
  • Risk Assessment
  • Allergies
  • Medications
  • Surgical Hx
  • PHQ-9
  • GAD-7

Our platform can be configured to the unique workflow, clinical and billing requirements associated with different specialty practices, including primary care, orthopedics, OB-GYN and pain management.

Healthcare That's Personal

Epion’s patient check-in software can help your practice deliver care that feels personal, familiar, and easy to use. Our powerful platform allows for custom configurations based on provider, specialty, appointment type, timing, and patient demographics.

Together with Epion Telehealth, patients experience the familiar steps of an office visit from the comfort of home. High-quality video and audio ensure your virtual consult is as warm and personal as a face-to-face meeting.

Personalized care

No download or log-in required

Familiar and natural visit

Easy to Use,
Easy to Complete

Our simple screens promote completion and support accurate patient records.

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Collect Essential Information

Demographic and contact information

Health screeners, e.g., Coronavirus, PHQ 2/9

Chief complaint

History of present illness

Review of systems

Insurance card verification/images

Health history

Insurance card capture

Health Risk Screeners

Screen and identify more patients living with health risks and other mild to moderate behavioral health disorders with our automated and integrated digital health risk assessments. These validated clinical tools can help you:  

Identify patients qualified for screening

Meet quality measures and reporting requirements

Satisfy Medicare Annual Wellness Visit health risk assessment requirements

Simplified Patient Payments

Maximize collections while ensuring a positive patient experience. With Epion’s payment feature, patients can review their co-pays, outstanding balances and collection balances during check-in. They also can set up a card on file for annual payment contracts to cover co-insurance obligations or make payments. The integrated credit card reader allows them to pay at the time of service with any major credit card, debit card or qualified HSA/FSA card.

Improve cash flow

Decrease collection fees

Reduce write-offs

Reduce administrative time and cost of paper resources

Free front desk staff to work on higher value tasks and activities

Increase payment contract enrollment

Patient Services

Present meaningful, relevant patient resources and services during the check-in workflow—at the patient’s request. As low- and no-touch healthcare models continue to gain importance, many of the in-office touch-points where patients interact with staff and materials have been reduced or eliminated. Patient Services fills the gap with convenient and personalized service options.

Give patients access to relevant and timely resources

Enhance practice efficiency

Improve clinical and financial outcomes