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Athena Users: Learn to Build & Review Custom Clinical Reports

This webinar covers how to build custom clinical reports in athenaNet. Report examples include identifying patients with specific medical conditions and matching it to medications they are taking. Perhaps you would like to run a report on a clinical social history question that you built. Learn to identify and report patients with out of range A1C’s & BMIs for your chronic care managers. We will also run a screener report showing how your patients have scored on screeners.

The webinar is hosted by Erin Zielinski, Director of Clinical Solutions at Epion Health. Erin is a former practice manager who specializes in practice transformation with 10 years of experience working exclusively with athenaNet clients. Erin is certified by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) in Practice Management.

For additional support on this topic, contact Erin at for a complimentary needs assessment and explanation of services available through Epion Advisory Services.