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For Athena Users: Athena Users: How to Implement Screeners and Get Paid for Doing Them

A 30-minute overview of essential tips designed for Athena users to covering best practices for implementing and getting reimbursed for the PHQ-2/9 depression screener, GAD-7 anxiety screener, and CAGE-AID drug and alcohol screener. We will be covering screeners that are required during the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit, and the money your practice could be leaving on the table — all with step-by-step instructions. Webinar includes:

  • USPSTF & CMS recommendations for screeners
  • Screeners available in athenaNet
  • Setting up athenaNet for screeners
  • How to implement screeners in athenaNet
  • PHQ-2/9 case studies
  • Billing for screeners

About Erin Zielinski: Erin is a former practice manager who specializes in practice transformation with 10 years of experience working exclusively with athenaNet clients. Erin is certified by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) in Practice Management.

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