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For Athena Users: Are You Running The Correct athenaNet Reports?

This webinar will cover how to build a custom report in athenaNet, as well as what reports you should be running and reviewing on a monthly basis. Report examples include financial reports, time management reports, screener reports, employee audit reports, and many more. We will have time for questions at the end to help with your stubborn report issues.  The webinar includes step-by-step instructions and the following topics:

  • Report Library Introduction
  • Time Management Reports
  • Financial Reports
  • Employee Audit Reports

This webinar will be hosted by Erin Zielinski, Director of Clinical Solutions at Epion Health. Erin is a former practice manager who specializes in practice transformation with 10 years of experience working exclusively with athenaNet clients. Erin is certified by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) in Practice Management.

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