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Federally Qualified Health Centers

Empowering safety-net providers

Supporting Vulnerable Populations with Digital Health Technology

Federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) face significant challenges, including clinician shortages, increasing financial and competitive pressures, rising healthcare costs and relentless documentation requirements. The sudden and dramatic decline in patient visits brought on by the pandemic has intensified these struggles. FQHCs need new ways to improve their financial health so they can continue to provide care to underserved communities.

Epion helps FQHCs mitigate these challenges by providing a platform to collect much needed patient information such as gender identity, income and other data to support UDS reporting.

A Mobile Solution for Better Data Capture

Automate the check-in process for greater efficiency and satisfaction. With Epion Digital Check-In, patients can begin the process from home and pick up at any point before their appointment, with no lost work or duplicate entry. Integrated digital health risk assessments identify patients qualified for screenings, such as depression, fall risk and substance abuse. With real-time bidirectional EHR integration, patient-entered data is updated to the EHR as they complete the check-in steps, helping to improve data capture for population health initiatives, meet UDS reporting requirements and demonstrate the value you provide patients.

Meet quality measures and reporting requirements

Satisfy Medicare Annual Wellness Visit

No downloads or app installs required

Real-time, bi-directional EHR integration

No lost data; no duplicate entries

Telehealth that's Easy and Affordable

Our intuitive, easy-to-use telehealth solution allows FQHCs to deliver high-quality virtual care across all devices, connecting patients and providers in a way that feels personal and familiar. Epion’s telehealth platform is lightweight, HIPAA-compliant and easily implemented – so it won’t tax your IT resources or require weeks of education and onboarding. 

EHR-agnostic standard clinical workflows

Work inside the EHR without switching environments

No download or log-in required

Appointment reminders and text notifications