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Patient Services

Give your patients the support they need to stay healthy. With the growing trend to reduce in-person interaction and office time, Patient Services gives providers the ability to present meaningful services to patients from best-in-class partners.

Important Services

Patient Services offers a way for practices to communicate the availability of meaningful services that are helpful to both patients and providers. Epion’s planned services include:

Prescription cost savings

Medicare advantage

Medication adherence

Health education

Patient finance

Pharmacy information

Patient transportation

Language services

Behavioral health

Prescription delivery

Clinical research

Clinical trial recruitment

The patient controls the experience

Patient Services are presented within the check-in workflow. Using a dual opt-in method, patients determine if they would like to see any Patient Services, then, as services are presented, they have the choice to opt-in or skip. 

If a patient chooses to learn more about a service, all interactions with the service partner occur outside or after the check-in workflow.

Not Signed up Yet?

If you are already an Epion client and are not signed up for Patient Services, click here to get started.